Virtual Travel Series:

Adventures in California

Virtual Travel Series: Adventures in California!

With most of our country being under lock down from COVID-19, we decided it was time for a Virtual Travel Series! California is home to millions of magical wonders, and we are here to show you them from the comforts of your home! 

Disclaimer: We do not recommend travel at this time, however save these articles for inspiration for when the time is right to do so!

Take Me To: Death Valley

Death Valley is expansive. It's vastness is incomparable even when you are standing in it... the horizon challenges your perspective with its sheer distance. Ancient craters, sultry sand dunes and slot canyons await you, adventure around every turn.


Take Me To: Venice

Founded by Abbott Kinney in 1905, Venice Beach originally was called the "Venice of America." Kinney won the property south of the Navy Pier in a coin toss, and quickly the marshy land was built up into a luxurious beachside resort village.


Take Me To: San Diego

Living in San Diego, it’s easy to take for granted our abundant sunshine, beautiful scenery and 70 miles of accessible coastline. To top it off, we get to enjoy Mediterranean climate, where daytime temperatures average in the 70's.


Healthy Tips for 

Adventures at Home

Alexander Henit

Healthy Tips for Adventures at Home

In the light of the 400,000 American lives lost to COVID-19 and millions around the world, we want to highlight and encourage life at home during these very sad times.

Our company was founded by artists and adventurers both in spirit and in practice. As Co-Founder, I've personally travelled to 45 states and 20+ countries in the last 20 years. As an artist, I've painted on stages across the country and painted with kids around the world. It's my nature to move, to connect and to build relationships with my local and global community.

To stay home an entire day, let alone an entire year is a challenge. Having worked mostly from home for the past 5 years though I certainly had a head start going into this, already knowing some of the difficulties and benefits that arise from such a situation.


Half Moon Bay
Kings Canyon
Joshua Tree