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No repair forms!

No post office!

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Insure against lost, stolen or damaged items!

Join the Club and insure your purchases whether your item was lost, stolen or damaged!


If you need to file a claim, do so at the bottom of this page. We will get you set up with a fresh pair of shades shortly!


If the item you have is currently sold out and you prefer getting a repair over a replacement, we waive repair fees for all members!

Get Sunglasses!

If you don't file a claim within a year, you will get a Gift Certificate for what you've paid! So basically you will get everything back that you put in!! When it's been a year send us a message to redeem!

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Ready to file a claim? You are in the right place! Complete the short form below and our staff will assist you! 
For all other product repairs and replacements, please complete our Online Repair Request Form.


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For Lost, Stolen or Damaged Sunglasses purchased from Cali Life Co. and authorized dealers. Free Repairs. Deductible is 25% of the MSRP Price listed on for each Replacement. $5.99/Month Fee. First Month Due at Sign-Up. Payment is automatic on the first day of each month.Minimum 3 month commitment when a claim has been made. Free Shipping on All Claims. No Deductibles for Manufacturing Defects. Claims can only be processed once every 3 months.  Insurance are renewed in a 12 month basis. 

Should you not use insurance after a year, your funds will be credited in the form of a gift card for a brand new sunglass! 

Please Note on Repairs:

Not all items can be repaired. Whether it can or can not depends on the Product Designers expertise,

 and availability of parts for older styles. If a repair cannot be made, we will notify you and a new sunglass will be issued in accordance with the above terms.