Customer Service

All products come with a 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty. This covers all defects arising from how the product was made, and does not cover general wear and tear, scratches, or damages from mis-use of the product. 

Most damages come from when the sunglasses are not actually being worn. We recommend using a hard case for all sunglasses, ensuring the best protection when they are being stored.

For damage and repair questions outside of the warranty, please contact our customer service department as we do offer replacement lenses, hinges, temples, and watch parts for a small fee when parts are in stock. 

E-mail for all inquiries.

If you are experiencing an issue, include Proof of Purchase and 2-3 photos of the product.
Refunds will be provided if requested within 30 days of purchase, only if the product is not damaged from mis-use.

Our staff is wholeheartedly dedicated to ensuring a stellar customer experience for everyone.
If you have any feedback, questions or concerns, please contact us as soon as possible so we can find a solution for you!