Cali Life Co. Frequently Asked Questions

With so many sunglasses out there on the market, we want you to know about Cali Life Co. and what makes ours so special! From how they are made, to why they are made, and how they are making a difference in the industry... Read on to learn more!

1. Who Owns Cali Life Co.?

Cali Life Co. is Independently Owned & Operated by a small team of Artists, Designers and Adventurers. What started as a Farmer's Market Booth in San Diego, California, has grown into a global movement for change in the industry. 

    Why this matters?

On almost every street corner in America you can find a pair of sunglasses for sale. And, nearly every pair you find is owned by just one company! We have forged a diversity in the marketplace that allows our customers to purchase something unique, environmentally conscious, effective, affordable, and owned by a small business! 

2. How are the sunglasses made, and what are they made of?    

Cali Life Co. Sunglasses are made in different ways depending on the model and materials used. Most of our frames are made with a Cellulose Acetate + Wood Combination. In liquid form, Acetate is poured into a special mold that we design. Wood Temples are laser cut and engraved, creating a subtle canvas for artistic renderings. 

    Why this matters?

Cellulose Acetate is made from cotton fibers and wood pulp, making it a biodegradable and renewable material. The color does not chip or lose intensity over time. Because it’s not petroleum based, it’s hypoallergenic and feels more natural on the skin than traditional sunglass plastics. Wood is selected from around the globe, and is dependent on FDA Certifications for Sustainability.  Often times the wood is multi-layered for added durability and strength. 

3. What about the lenses, are they Polarized? What about UV protection?

All Cali Life Co. Lenses are Polarized with UV400 Protective Filters! That's right, EVERY pair! Unlike other sunglass brands, we don't make you choose between style and optimal eye protection!

    Why this matters?

UV-400 Filters block 99-100% of harmful UVA & UVB rays. Even on cloudy days, a UV Filter is recommended! Polarization reduces glare from roads, buildings, streets and cars, allowing better depth perception. Together, these filters offer your eyes a chance to relax while still maintaining focus. Customers have reported a reduction in headaches after wearing our sunglasses! 

4. If I order online, how will I know if they fit?

You will find measurements listed on every product page in our collection. If you don't have a ruler nearby, that is OK! We offer returns and exchanges within 7 days of purchase. Our Acetate + Wood Models are flexible enough that you can even self-adjust, instructions are included with each shipment! 

    Why this matters?

In order to truly enjoy your purchases, a comfortable fit is essential! All sunglasses are considered lightweight, and almost all come with spring hinges to ensure optimal comfort!

5. What happens if my sunglasses break?

When life happens, sometimes things break! We always recommend getting a hard case for your sunglasses, as most customers report breakage when they are not wearing them. If your sunglasses break, our customer service team will be happy to assist you! All online orders come with a 3 month manufacturer warranty, which covers all manufacturer defects involving how the product was made. If the damage is caused from misuse or is after 3 months, we offer low-cost frame, lens, and sunglass replacements! Simply contact us through the website, or email Customer Service at contact@calilifeco.com. 

Visit our Terms & Conditions Page for more information

6. What's next with Cali Life Co.?

Cali Life Co. is not just a sunglass brand, however it would appear so by reading this! Towels, hats and watches have all been included in our global fusion of art and daily function! It's up to you to subscribe, follow us, and check back and see where our brand and product designers will take us next!

Thank you for your interest in Cali Life Co.! Our staff is dedicated to providing knowledgable and friendly service to all!