Blog Post: Winter Sun and Why you Need Sunglasses Year Round

Hello Friends!

We don't get much snow here in San Diego, however with the winter approaching around most of the country, it's important to note that whether it's cloudy, sunny, or snowing, you should always be wearing polarized and UV400 protection while outside during daytime hours. 

Back in the day, sunglasses were seen as popular amongst the Hollywood Elite and always depicted in photo shoots by the pool or beach. But modern research has shown that UV400 sunglasses are indeed an essential accessory for everyone, every day of the year!

Why wear sunglasses in the snow?

Don't be fooled by the winter's cooler temperatures. You may not be noticing the sun's damage as much this time of year because that warm sun sure feels good! But it's imperative that you wear sunglasses on both sunny and cloudy winter days. Why? Because UV400 Sunglasses protect 99-100% of the suns harmful rays. And that lovely white snow? That reflects the sun's rays and puts you more at risk for ocular damage throughout the day! It's like having 2 suns out for your eyes! 

Wearing UV400 Polarized Sunglasses year round will reduce the change of damage to not only your eyes, but the skin surrounding your eyes. This part of your skin is the thinnest and most susceptible to premature aging when you don't cover up. Wearing sunscreen and sunglasses are 2 easy steps you can take every day to keep that youthful glow. Teamed up with a healthy diet, you'll be unstoppable whether you are at the beach or on the ski slopes!

According to Susan Taub, MD assistant professor of ophthalmology at Northwester University School of Medicine in Chicago, "People don't realize that just because the sun isn't as intense or as hot, they need protection."

Take it from the experts. Wearing sunglasses year round is the right thing to do, no matter where you are in the world! 

Oh and One Last Thing...

If you aren't wearing UV400 sunglasses, you are actually causing more harm to yourself than good. That's because with the dark unprotected lenses, your pupils relax as if they are being protected, and allow even more harmful rays. With everything happening in 2020, start small and wear UV400 sunglasses!

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