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What are the Sunglasses made of?

What are the Sunglasses made of?

At Cali Life Co., we know how concerned consumers are about what they are buying, and what it's made of. There is a healthy competition in the marketplace for companies to step up and do more. From the beginning, we joined the revolution of forward-thinking brands, to give a piece of mind to our customers that they can be proud of their purchases. 

Come to think of it, there are many reasons our customers can be proud of our products... But let's start with the materials we use, and how they are made!

You will see by our collection, we have many varieties and styles of Sunglasses. Our Full Wood Collection features Multi-layered Wood Frames. The benefits of using Multi-layered wood are added durability without compromising extra weight. 

All Wood adheres to FDA Regulations and Certification for Sustainability. Woods used:

  • ZebraWood
  • Rosewood
  • Oak
  • Ebony
  • Walnut
  • White Oak
  • Maple
  • Black Oak

Our Acetate + Wood Collection features Wood on the temples, and Cellulose Acetate, which is made from cotton fibers and wood pulp. 

Benefits of Cellulose Acetate:

  • Biodegradable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-Petroleum-based
  • Feels more natural on the skin
  • Color does not chip or lose intensity over time
  • Flexible for self-adjustment and RX Lenses
  • Made from Renewable Resources

In liquid form, Acetate is poured into a special mold that we design. Wood Temples are laser cut and engraved, creating a subtle canvas for artistic renderings. 

Almost every pair includes spring hinges for ultimate comfort throughout the day. View the Product Descriptions to know exactly what's in your Cali Life Co. Frames!

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You no longer have to choose between comfort, style, and price. Every pair has a Polarized & UV400 filter offering optimal eye protection. You don't need to be on a beach in California to need good lenses!

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