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When we were young, the entire world was a canvas: a beach could easily turn into a solar system with just a few circles drawn in the sand, painted bugs and butterflies confetti-ed the refrigerator door, and sidewalk chalk littered the driveway. We made castles out of building blocks, and pretended to be super heroes and villainous monsters with cardboard swords. Not only was the world a canvas, it was also a stage. “The problem is staying an artist when you grow up.” As we grow older we must become more accountable. We silently trade that deeply embedded creative magic for modern-day responsibility and a schedule. We have bills to pay, and we have to work hard and often to pay them. When we were children we couldn’t wait to grow up so that we could do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. As my mom once asked, “How’s that working out for you?”

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All Cali Life Co. Lenses are Polarized with UV400 Protective Filters! That's right, EVERY pair! Most brands offer both Polarized and Non-Polarized lenses, reflecting different price points and selecting only certain styles for the upgrade. They will also offer both UV400 and non-UV400 options, as if it's a small decision to make...

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At Cali Life Co., we know how concerned consumers are about what they are buying, and what it's made of. There is a healthy competition in the marketplace for companies to step up and do more. From the beginning, we joined the revolution of forward-thinking brands, to give a piece of mind to our customers that they can be proud of their purchases.

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