Cali Life Co. Customer Service

Cali Life Co. Customer Service

Genuine Customer Service is Our Priority 

Our brand is inspired by both our customers and our adventures. When you contact us with an inquiry, you will be heard by real people who truly care for your experience. Cali Life Co. is not only a business, it is an advocacy for creating a positive and personal experience in the marketplace, with products that truly help you in your everyday life. 

You can expect responsive inquiries, simple solutions, and a holistic approach for support. Our departments work together to ensure only the finest products are available. We offer a 90-day Manufacturer Warranty, which will provide a free repair or exchange for any defect caused from the manufacturing of the product. For broken/damaged items, we offer free service and low-cost parts when they can be fixed, and low-cost replacements if they are beyond fixable. We want our products to endure your adventures, and be there for a long time to come!

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I was so bummed when my sunglasses were stolen. I notified Cali Life Co. and they were able to hook me up with a replacement pair for about a quarter of the price I originally paid! 

Christopher D., Irvine Park, California

 Truly, thank you for your kindness, compassion, and amazing customer service beyond words!! That speaks even more to me of you and your business..." 

Roy F., San Diego, California

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