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“Every child is an artist” said Pablo Picasso.  The insatiable astonishment we are born with is boundless.Not only are children unafraid of limits, they often don’t even recognize their existence.

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Cali Life Co. Customer Service Genuine Customer Service is Our Priority  Our brand is inspired by both our customers and our adventures. When you contact us with an inquiry, you will be heard by real people who truly care for your experience. Cali Life Co. is not only a business, it is an advocacy for creating a positive and personal experience in the marketplace, with products that truly help you in your everyday life.  You can expect responsive inquiries, simple solutions, and a holistic approach for support. Our departments work together to ensure only the finest products are available. We offer...

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All Cali Life Co. Lenses are Polarized with UV400 Protective Filters! That's right, EVERY pair! Most brands offer both Polarized and Non-Polarized lenses, reflecting different price points and selecting only certain styles for the upgrade. They will also offer both UV400 and non-UV400 options, as if it's a small decision to make...

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At Cali Life Co., we know how concerned consumers are about what they are buying, and what it's made of. There is a healthy competition in the marketplace for companies to step up and do more. From the beginning, we joined the revolution of forward-thinking brands, to give a piece of mind to our customers that they can be proud of their purchases.

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  Cali Life Co. is Independently Owned & Operated by a close team of Artists, Designers and Adventurers.   We wanted to design something useful & unique, effective & affordable. San Diego boasts 300 sunny days a year and our inspiration rolled with the tides. It's impossible for us to compete with the world's top brands, so we don't. We compete with ourselves, to always be better. To improve efficacy with each production cycle, and to provide a stellar customer experience from start to finish. In a world of disposable... everything... it's important to know what brands you can trust....

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